Thursday, December 31, 2009

Over Christmas in Mexico

Esta preciosura es mi sobrina nieta. Nació de 6 meses y se salvó.
Aquí estoy con mis sobrinos (as) patinando en hielo.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Frase que me encantó

"Las dificultades en la vida están destinadas para hacernos mejores, no resentidos."

Wow, esta frase me dice mucho. En realidad llenamos el costal de piedritas llamadas resentimientos y no vemos que tenemos que quitar esas piedritas para que nos dejen caminar!!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009


When I woke up, it was a bit late than the usual. I had a shower, a coffee and ran out to the door.
I arrived at 8:01 a.m. to school....well one minute late.
I took a course about how to help students when in trouble. Then I went and delivered my resume to an International company.
In the process I chatted with someone who gave me courage to start up my own business and the idea is on my mind, turning and turning.
Then I went to eat to Robin´s Hood house and had a great time. Even with the cleaning ladie who´s comment was that she was really happy to see us in love... my reaction to that was: who said we are in love? she said.... it glows, it shows..... Robin Hood just smiled and shook his head!

I love his kids, they are lovely... and even the dog is so cute! What a blessing have you sent to my life

Tank you Lord for this day!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Wow a Miracle has happened...time tells the truth!

Last Saturday was one of the most emotive days of my life ......I must admit I was loosing my Faith Lord.... I always had hope but I was under the despair that my family would never reconcile... I kept my mouth shut for a long time listening to one side and then the other...they might thought I would take part in one side or the other... those 2.5 years had been an agony for me... maybe not so much but a sadness in my heart would never leave thinking about what we were and what we are now....

When one of my sisters jumped to hug one of my brothers and then the other sister, I was in a total shock... I honestly could not believe what my eyes were witnessing and what my heart eyes were full of tears and I was so thankful to you Oh Lord. This was certainly a miracle from you.....There is no doubt that you are always working in such a misterious ways that it is amazing to see the mind would have never been able to picture the entire scene and day I and my family had last Saturday. A true blessing to see one by one crying and singing to my uncle who is one of the two last ones alive from my mother´s side.

Coincidentally, this time only two cousins went to this annual event and the rest of nieces and nephews were young and were playing outside....

I pictured the saddest and wierdest annual event ever..where was my faith? and I keep thinking I am close to you o Lord.... what is it with me? and look at the surprise you had for me and for all of us. I can not thank you enough about it and I continue crying of happiness for this event.....what we had been missing for a long time and all due to ambition.... worthless ambition...

This cold and cough are going away slowly but I truly think that it is all the emotions inside of me that were not being able to come out.

Thank you for this moments and for this peace I feel now. Don´t let anyone to take it away from me. And yet, I know there are more surprises coming my way, blessings.... I just need to have more Faith and keep being patient, calm and read the signals you send me Oh Lord.

Good night, Love, your daughter Marilu

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Another Course that I might take...

Well, I have always enjoyed psicology and counselling sessions... so now I have the opportunity to study a coaching course.... we´ll see.

On the other hand, I have not idea about where my life is going regarding my job... I love my students but at the same time, I am not satisfied being a teacher...this constant insatisfaction drives me crazy but I know that I must discern it and analyze aspect per aspect.

What is it that when I get into answering if I want to continue... I say yes... even though I know I am very tired from teaching at night.... ? is it that I can´t say no? why? or why don´t I set up my own business?

What is it with me having all the resources and not being able to just jump?

Good night my Lord, your daughter Marilu.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Feliz! Agradecida! Viviendo con Esperanza!

Hoy fué un día increíble..... en fin desde ayer que celebré mi cumpleaños adelantado, en el rancho con 70 personas entre adultos y Niños.....conocí a alguien que estaba muy guapo pero no hubo química entre los dos. Sin embargo yo bailé con mis amigos y amigas y canté karaoke toda la noche.-

Regresé a casa muerta, cansadísisma de bailar y me puse mi pijama. En eso me habla mi amigo Robin Hood (viudo con 3 hijos) y me sonsaca para salir con el a la 1 am ...el queria bailar... yo quería platicar. Así que nos fuimos a tomar un café y platicamos como 3 horas. Me dejó en mi casa y no lo invité a pasar, no por grosera sino para no dar la impresión incorrecta.

Hoy me levanté tempranísimo con mucha energía fui a pagar el gym e hice step. Despues me metí al vapor, fuí a misa y saliendo de misa me habló Tere mi hermana invitandome a la palapa a la fiesta de Gaby y a cantar. Fuí y a las 8 pm me marca Robin Hood y me dice que el va a donde yo esté y me reí y le dí la dirección pensando que no iría.... pues fué con sus tres hijos y conocí al mayor... ooopppppss no me acuerdo de su nombre.

Me hizo el día..... no me lo esperaba, aunque no habia dejado de pensar en él. Incluso cuando estaba pensando en el fue cuando mi radio sonó y yo me quedé impresionada!

Se veía muy guapo con un sweter largo y no sé hoy me llamó más la atenció invitó a su casa a comer con sus hijos pero le dije que no porque me da pena. Todos se despidieron de mi de beso y el chiquito de 5 años que es una hermosura no quería por pena o chiviado y su papá le dijo andale hijo.... y finalmente le obedeció a su papi, lo cual me fascinó....tanto el como papá y su autoridad como el precioso escuincle.

A dónde irá esta amistad? no se Dios mío pero la voy a disfrutar y quítame este miedo que tengo de encontrar a otra pareja y de que pueda tener hijos a los cuales yo tendré que educar, amar, cuidar, ayudar, etc.

Buenas noches Dios mío y mil gracias por estos días tan increíbles llenos de emociones. Te pido que salves a mi sobrina nieta la beba y salga de la incubadora!
Tu hija Marilú!

Friday, October 23, 2009


I am absolutely mad about myself today.....I woke up and broke the coffee maker, it slipped out or hit a chair and then slipped out of my hand right to the floor.. then, I have not idea what I did with my parking receipt that I ended up paying tripple the price.

I guess I did too much today.....mark exams, think about my party tomorrow.... chairs, tables.... table clothes, people to confirm....and then, suddenly while I am in that process I call my sister to invite her to see the play The broken Christ... and she tells me that she became a grandmother yesterday but the baby is in a delicate state... so oh my goodness, I took a shower and ran there to the hospital....spent a few hours there... then had supper together and I truly enjoyed it... after that she went with me to buy dispossable plates and glasses for the party....then I went to the other side of the city to my play....I ran into an old sister´s friend...and then I RAN OUT from the play to do a supply teaching....

Now I am winding down.... Oh and my friend Robin Hood called me and bla bla bla bla bla....invited me to a wedding, then a coffee and chatted for about 15 minutes,...... he said he would call later and he never did...Do I care? not really.... I said to him that I am so immune or that I don´t beleive in people´s promisses until they demonstrate that they comply with them.....anyway... after all this day was nice.. I am still alive, looking forward to my birthday party tomorrow.... and life goes on and on and on!!!

Oh what I want to discern or to share is the following steps:

Lost a ticket today , I felt angry to myself for being so disorganized, distracted, and multitasking without concentrating. I felt frustrated and went to my car to calm down, and dumped my purse into the seat to see if I could find the ticket... I didn´t and time continued running.
I talked to the parking lot supervisor and he said I had to pay 49 pesos... instead of 10 pesos. So I tried to convince him and he didn´t give in... he said otherwise he would have to pay for it... bla bla bla... I got frustrated of not getting my way and took a bill of 50 pesos and paid it... and said you guys are disgusting and this is theft.!
I felt like crying....first of all because today and this week I have spent an enormous ammount in stupid and many things. On the other hand I wanted to scream, yell, and I controlled myself.... I couldn´t cry either.....

Operative ways: next time I will put it in my wallet or leave it at the parking lot with the guy...who can I trust anyway....?

Calification: Desolation.... Not to make decisions.....I needed to get out of there and I had looked everywhere.

Direction: Yes, no, or will continue as disorganized and unfocussed?

Origin: Historic: Distractions..... Fact: Doing to many things at once all the time...

Anyway this is a short discerning exercise from San Ignacio de Loyola Method.

Good Night Lord.... I loved the Broken Christ.. Cristo Roto... lástima que no ví el final.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Faith, Prayer and Results

Last week was extremely hard and emotional for me and even more for a friend of mine who lost her husband. It was shocking. A young fellow of 47 years old and no one would suspect he had "Influenza" and this caused also some other liver complications.

At the same time someone showed up in my life ..... and endless story.

This two emotions made me realize that even though I think my Faith is strong... it might not be so. I always try to think everything will go my way... but the reality is that it always goes on God´s ways. No matter how I look it up.

My sister said: maybe you don´t have enough Faith... I realized I don´t ..... I keep being and feeling insecure about the future and that fact by itself.. I think is lack of Faith and it has made me to react and to act in ways that I don´t think God would aprove or even my parents from heaven.

I felt so moved by the death of this guy, who I hardly knew.... but his wife is one of my best friends.... to see that sorrow, Oh my Goodness..... only you know made rethink the manner and way I am conducting my life... so light,... as if there was many tomorrows... when we only have today!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Qué se dice de la autoestima? nosotros la formamos o alguien nos infunde confianza en nosotros mismos o nos destruye?

Y si ha sido destruída, qué nos queda hacer?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Monday, August 31, 2009

A calm day so far....

Today I went to my new job in a different University in town. It was wierd, dark at 7:00 a.m. I was so excited to start teaching and using new ESL teaching techniques....

The day flew by and had fun with my 3 different groups. Now I am listening and smelling the rain.

Everything is silence. Everything is calm. I can hear the some dogs far away....

I had some flashbacks while watching t.v. These thoughts were about people who live in Thunder Bay. Oh yeah I definetly keep in touch with some.

I woke up from my nap very tired. However, I must prepare all my week and go to a cvx meeting at Ibero, my ex-university where I graduated from L.R.I.... today I feel another person...totally the same time excited for what might be coming....

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Signs and more signs...

Well, today I got up, went to a meeting and saw a student fr0m 10 years ago who I took to Confederation College in Canada and now she is a teacher and will be my colleague. I was shocked and loved the idea that I always treated them right.

After that I went to a store to change my gatto blaster and had to play a CD, which I only had English ones... and everyone stared at me and I laughed and said, I am an English teacher.

When I was leaving... someone stopped me and said he overheard I teach ESL. I nodded and let him talk. He works for Aeromexico and he´s a mechanic and 6 of his có-workers are looking for an English teacher... so I gave him my number and asked him his name... Francisco B.

So I thought I might as well do my business cards and went to the print shop and ordered them.
It was about time to start doing something to promote this skill outside of the Universities.

Thank you God for this day.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Woman Should Have"

A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE enough money within her control to move out and rent a place of her own, even if she never wants to or needs to...
A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE . something perfect to wear if the employer, or date of her dreams wants to see her in an hour...
A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE . a youth she's content to leave behind....
A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE . a past juicy enough that she's looking forward to retelling it in her old age....
A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE . a set of screwdrivers, a cordless drill, and a black lace bra... A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE . one friend who always makes her laugh.. and one who lets her cry... A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE . a good piece of furniture not previously owned by anyone else in her family... A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE . eight matching plates, wine glasses with stems, and a recipe for a meal, that will make her guests feel honored... A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE a feeling of control over her destiny..
EVERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW... how to fall in love without losing herself..
EVERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW... how to quit a job, break up with a lover, and confront a friend without; ruining the friendship...
EVERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW... when to try harder... and WHEN TO WALK AWAY.. EVERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW... that she can't change the length of her calves, the width of her hips, or the nature of her parents..
EVERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW... that her childhood may not have been perfect...but it's over... EVERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW... what she would and wouldn't do for love or more... EVERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW.... how to live alone... even if she doesn't like it... EVERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW.. whom she can trust, whom she can't, and why she shouldn't take it personally...
EVERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW... where to go... be it to her best friend's kitchen table.. or a charming Inn in the woods.... when her soul needs soothing...
EVERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW.. What she can and can't accomplish in a day... a month...and a year...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Así es

Cuando la inspiración me llega, de repente, solo siento ganas de escribir y decir o vaciar lo que pienso en el instante.

Estoy segura que ese ser existe ...ya no lo busco, no tengo por que forzar el tiempo, ni el espacio ni el lugar.

Llegarás solito, sin que nadie te lo pida. Solamente el destino. No tengo ni la menor idea de dónde te encontraré. Sólo sé que no serás perfecto y que por ende, yo tampoco lo puedo ser.

Si estoy cansada de creer que ya te conocí y que te encuentras lejos. Lo que si sé, es que existe un gran amor para darte cuando estes listo.

Viviré día por día, preparándome para continuar ser alguien que tenga impacto en la vida de los demás de una o de otra forma, pero siempre creando un efecto positivo y de esperanza, fe, caridad y amor.

Ayer que conocí a dos individuos, uno Frances y el otro Argentino, disfruté muchísimo de la plática y la compañía. No cabe duda que no estoy donde estaba. Quiero decir que no me estanqué, que he crecido y que ya no puedo ver de la misma manera o sentir de la misma forma como lo hacía hace algunos años. La sensibilidad la sigo teniendo. Y la razón? también. Y qué puede más? la razón o el corazón.... desgraciadamente donde el corazón manda no puede existir la razón.... y continúo con lo mismo de siempre.... pero como ignorar lo que la razón me dice?

Fe! Fe! y más Fe!

Faith? what is that? in who? in what? how so?

Fate......oh y algo que me dejó marcada ayer fué una entrevista con esta frase:

" Lo que te corresponde por derecho divino, nadie te lo podrá quitar" Wow, que paz me dejó esta frase!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

My nieces wedding

My nieces Gracy´s wedding went great! she played the piano for her husband. My brother played the piano along with an accordion player.

I sang with the mariachi the song Motives.

We danced and ate since 4 pm until 1 am.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Que interesante.....

Amor incondicional? que es? quién lo conoce?

Mi terapista me hizo darme cuenta que no mucha gente ama incondicionalmente..... y que lo que yo pueda sentir por alguien es simplemente amor incondicional..... sigo con dudas........ por qué amor incondicional? por que veo dentro del alma .... más allá del físico......simplemente me dejó pensando porque aún así existe conflicto......

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Discerning.....What does it mean?

On my own definition, discerning, means to find deep inside yourself what bothers you and then find happiness and peace within you.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

This weekend!

Everything started with going to the flee market with a friend of mine and her son. We bought some things, I bought an angel picture already framed and 2 pieces of clothing.

I left her at her place and came back home and cleaned up and washed clothes. Then I took a shower and had my nails done, make up on and went to meet a friend of mine who I had been talking to over messanger and nextel.

I parked my car and then saw him. We then went to eat to the Rincón Gaucho, after that we went to Barezzito where I saw my niece sing and two other nieces with their husbands. Wedidn´t join them. After that we went to Anthropía, which is a bar with people on stage singing only romantic songs. I went as a volunteer and sang amar y querer. Right after we took off and went into the Mariachi Place and sang with them for about an hour. We also had a dance.

After that it was about 3:30 a.m. and I went home and my friend to his hotel.
Next day...Saturday Aug. 1rst. We went to have breakfast together and then to the Explora park where we had a very relaxing time.

We then went to eat supper at the Garufa´s Restaurant (Argentinian). Had wine and laugh and talk all the time. Finally he had to get back to Mexico City and I went back home and had a great sleep for about 3 hours. Then I realized I needed some groceries..... so I left but on my way I felt like calling another friend and she invited me to a party where there was exactly the same mariachi band that played last night for me.... I sang again and danced. I finally came back come... around 12:·30 a.m. I did see nice people and met a pregnant ladie who didn´t stop dancing, that was amazing.

Counting my blessings...... Thank you God for having me under your eyes every second and guide me trhough my life. Thank you God for all the good friends that you have given me and for the ones that just have arrived to my life. Please keep them all safe from evil and help us all through the hard times.

Your daughter......Marilu.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Tequila and Salt

Tequila and SaltThis should probably be tapedto yourbathroom mirrorwhere one could read it every day.
You may not realize it,but it's 100% true.
1.. There are at least two people in this worldthat you would die for.
2.. At least 15 people in this worldlove you in some way.
3.. The only reason anyone would ever hate youis because they want tobe just like you.
4. A smile from you can bring happiness to anyone,even if they don'tlike you.
5. Every night,SOMEONE thinks about youbefore they go to sleep.
6. You mean the world to someone.
7. You are special and unique.
8. Someone that you don't even know exists loves you.
9. When you make the biggest mistake ever,something good comes from it.
10. When you think the worldhas turned its back on youtake another look.
11. Always remember the compliments you received.Forget about the rude remarks.
So...........If you are a loving friend,send this to everyone,including the one who sent it to you.If you get it back, then they really do love you.And always remember...when life hands you Lemons,ask for Tequila and Salt and call me over!
Good friends are like stars........You don't always see them,But you know they are always there.
"Whenever God Closes One Door He Always Opens Another, Even ThoughSometimes It's Hell in the Hallway"
I would rather have one rose and a kind wordfrom a friend while I'm herethan a whole truck load when I'm gone.Happiness keeps You Sweet,Trials keep You Strong,Sorrows keep You Human,Failures keeps You Humble,Success keeps You Glowing,
But OnlyGod keeps You Going

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Don´t Quit

Don´t quit when the tide is lowest, for it´s just about to turn.
Don´t quit over doubts and questions, for there´something you may learn.
Deon´t quit when the night is darkest, for it´s jsut a while ´till dawn.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Interesting Feelings

I have to say that today was a wonderful day. Accomplished many things and I am working on an interesting inner project that is creating mixed feelings. Totally hard to explain, however very reasonable.

Here it is, my ideal type of couple has always been someone who I can talk about many things and enjoy the time that we spend....on the other hand, I also want someone who I feel attracted to phisically.... blue eyes, beautiful smile, thin, tall, nice face factions, such as small nose, mouth, etc.... I haven´t found my ideal man phisically yet....and in Mexico the chances are next to zero.....oh well.... I have found many who I can talk to and laugh with.... but..... am I going to find that phisically ideal man?

I certainly think that I must find someone close enough that can make me shake!

Where are you? I am trying to find you and I am getting very tired.... God, do you think that I am putting my faith in a very vague characterístics.... You have sent 2 individuals already that are nice but not near to my ideals.....are you testing me God? Does anyone have a feedback on this one?

Good night! (madrugada)

Words of Wisdom

" A most unlikely stranger can become a friend"

"Arguments usually end when one person does not want to argue anymore"

"When someone lets you down, don´t give up on him"

"People with tact have less to retract"

"Respect those who can be of no possible value to you"

"Never use profanity"

"Living well is the best revenge"

"Knowledge is a precious treasure that cannot be given away nor stolen"

"Enjoy money while you have it"

"Activities give life quality"

by Barbara An Kipfer, Workman publishing, New York

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cerrando Círculos

Una amiga mía el dia de hoy me hizo ver que no soy desordenada. Yo insistía en que sí lo soy por tener una caja llena de papeles del año del caldo, osea de cuadernos de primaria, de cuadernos de no sé que y muchas cosas de niña....ella me dijo: y eso es ser desordenada? le dije pues sí.

Me contestó: no no lo es.... eso es no querer trabajar con tu pasado y cerrar ese círculo!! qué te molesta o que hay de tu pasado que no lo quieres dejar o soltar y sigue ahi? Me dejó pasmada....y ahora sólo me queda la tarea de empezar a rascarle y empezar a dejar y a soltar mi pasado...y si... en esa caja había muchos escritos míos de poemas que escribía y muchas cositas y detallitos, incluso juguetitos que tenía de niña--........

Empezaré a sacar una a una de las cosas que tengo ahí y empezaré a reflexionar el por qué las quiero retener....

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sal de Ti

Si eres lo que eres, sirve, ama, da;
pero nunca digas que eres más que los demás.

Si eres sabio, calla. Que el mundo descubra en tí la sabiduría.

En esa sonrisa que das a la anciana, en ese saludo que das al amigo, en esa caricia que haces al niño, entrégate!

El mundo está cansado de oír:
"yo soy", "yo hago", "yo sirvo". Pregúntate desde ahora: "¿Quién soy?", ¿Qué hago?, ¿A dónde Voy?; y sé tan sabio para enseñar a los demás en tu acción más pequeña que, dándolo todo, parezca que no das nada.

Autor Anónimo!

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Voice of Silence

Without silence, it is difficult to find God.
Sin silencio es difícil encontrar a Dios.
René Voillaume
I was invited to a silence retreat for 3 days about one year ago. I can´t recall if I had shared this or not at that time, but I had a comment yesterday regarding silence and finding God in it.
It is so true that when we cannot stay put or without music, it is because we don´t want to hear ourselves and ultimately is our conscious and God is in it.
If we all would talk about things that we truly comprehend, there would be a lot of silence in this world! Claudio Sperelli

Friday, July 3, 2009


This bird....(have not idea what his/her name is) was amazing flying up and then diving into the waves!

I loved it made me feel so happy and relaxed. I simply watched him and then more birds join him/her. It was beautiful to see them all together. In the mean time my friends were chatting away with a couple we met. I had to leave them for a bit because this bird caught my attention so much that I needed to catch him diving and going up! It reflects my situation but am I really free? I am attached to many chains... I am attached to a job, to a responsibility with my home, my family, my friends. Whenever I turn around I am called aunt even by my friend´s kids and that is an awesome feeling. When my niece runs and hugs me and says I missed I just love it.

Anyway, yes everybody has freedom and at the same time chains that attach you and don´t let you be so free.

Sometimes we are up, and sometimes we are down and sometimes we dive and land on soft land or sometimes we land on a very hard land.

The bird planned every single move that was going to do. I learned that I must start planning ahead and calculate exactly what I want to reach and where I want to land.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The power is within me now

Today I woke up and played an hour of power cd. The enchantations that it suggest to say to yourself are : the power is within me now and I am feeling better and better every day in every way! I am feeling stronger and stronger. At the same time breathe 4 times and exhale four times.

It also asks about dreams in a short term.... mine to travel to Europe for a month, to get a job or create my own one where I can also travel and meet a lot of people and see a lot of places doing negotiations.

I see myself as a mother with at least one child and a husband. I see myself very active in the community as a business woman and as a family.

In the mean time I went and bought plants for the house and tomorrow they will be delivered because they are pretty big for my car.

I had a meeting with lore, vero, claudia f. and their kids. We exchanged pictures and had a fun time remembering our puerto vallarta trip. Awesome day! Thank you God for today!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hurracaine in Pto Vallarta ayayayyyyyyy

Que creen, acabamos de llegar a pto vallarta vero, lore y yo y hay warning de hurracaine y estamos bien locas todas trajimjos nuestras lap topos y estamos en linea jajjajajaj
me la estoy pasando de pelicula, con galletitas y salcita, y una bebida de paloma!! increíble!!!
ya nos vamos de parranda a comprar la comida de la semana! Gracias Dios mío por este día

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Meeting old friends in an Odd way and Coincidences... Diosidencias... Godcidencias

Well I saw my friend Paula Lorena and Vero, Lula yesterday...awesome time and we planned another reunion for this week with the same primary group... looking forward to it!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Desiciones y dolor de garganta...interesting

Bueno esta semana será muy interesante entre escoger: UDL, Parque de la Selva, Tec de Mty, y/o UDL y combinación de Key Words Academy...Me gusta la variedad eso que ni que.
En Parque de la selva me imagino que no será aburrido para nada.... administrativo,(staff) manejo de personal, clientes, niños, mecanico o tecnico y viajes.... suena atratctivo.

En el tec de mty.... no se bien .... vender, tocar puertas y que hay mas alla de eso?

En la UDL ya se a qué atenerme.... seguir sus reglas y preparar clases, tomar cursos y solo esperar a que me den mas grupos.....(no me gusta la incertidumbre).

En Keywords....preparar clases....etc.. no me late...por alguna razon...
La otra es seguir tocando puertas como -Cofoce, etc.

Ayer me la pase padrísimo y conocí a dos chavititititos: Juan Carlos.... (otro Juan Carlos...) con razón me gustó tanto su nombre.... no habia relacionado nada hasta ahorita... y el otro... se llama Jorge... bueno chicos de 32 años llenos de vida nuevamente e inexpertos y JC es divorciado sin hijos la pase bailando con los dos y padrisimo... JC nos dio rosas a todas las que estabamos ahi, justo despues de habermelo imaginado no sé por qué....solo ví al de las flores y me dije: JC nos va a comprar flores a todas y dicho y hecho...yo me quedé sorprendida.

Al último nos dimos un abrazo muy fuerte y me dijo...ayuda a mi hermana.... casi me da un hermana es mi amiga y creo que está en una situación de la cual ella no ha querido salir....pero bueno claro que estoy tratando de ayudarla... ella ya empezo a salir a bares conmigo y eso ya es ganancia.

Hoy llegó Lula de ´Toronto y su hijo Russel es un hermoso y habla puro Ingles.... ay chiquito lindo me robó el corazón. Tiene una sonrisa hermosa y es más travieso que nada.

Buenas noches Diios mío y Gracias por esta semana

Sunday, May 24, 2009

One month has gone by.....

It is May 24th and last time I wrote on here was on April 26th.....where did my moth go? Teaching, parties and more parties, and government project......where I invest my time it is where I will pick up a cosecha....

I´ve been offered a teacher´s course and it is worth it to take it. At the same time other 2 opportunities came up....where am I going? Good point... from the inner out....what is the purpose of my life? find espiritual perfection.....? how so? through what tools?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Deshidratación! Dietas.....

Hey, I am on a diet, but I became dehidrated today and it feels wierd... tickles on all my body and almost as if I was going to faint. ....Hands are hard to move.....

How did this happen? I had a pinneaple juice and coffee and beans for breakfast and didn´t drink water... but if this happened today.... I don´t think I´ve gotten dehidrated today, but since yesterday....

Anyway, I don´t like this feeling. I red on wikipedia and google about this sympthoms and it states that it could also be caused by preocupation or being worried ... or ansiety... it could be a combination of things for me since this week will be really interesting..... some exciting things are happening in my life and yet it involves a lot of decisions and things that I have to make them happen or that they are on my hands.

Well the first one is........a trip ( a cruise)
the second one... a new job opportunity... have to decide yes or no....
and the other one... to finalize a project yeeeeeeehhhh!!!

Life also is about closing circles or cicles... and I have a chapter to close.....(secret...)

Have a good day followers and readers!
Your friend!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Well... too many emotions for one day!

Where to start?

The most important points about this week are: I spoke to Julieta my friend from Minneapolis.....I hadn´t talked to her since I left Canada...

I visited my cousin... and suprise surprise! she is so beautiful and head of the tourism dept. of the Gto. Government and she was also very happy to see me and talked to her for a while and will keep in touch from now on and also will connect me with some people in the tourism area...she susggested Fiesta Americana Hotel or Crown Plaza....hmmmm hotels again... sounds quiet exciting...

On the other hand I was offered more classes and that made me proud of my work.. and I haven´t said yes yet... however... I might take that and start consuling teaching English to companies and kids...

My friend cantor contacted me... Oh my God...Thank you for this one..... I also ran into my old friend Marcelo Reynoso at Soriana with his son and we gave a huge hug to each other and his kid too...I was very surprised on how the kid hugged me and didn´t let me go. I said we would get together with his family this week and invite them over.

Very interesting week... I went to my niece´s place and sang karaoke and her husband´s family were really nice to me and Betsy and her husband want to introduce me to a friend of theirs and I laughed and laughed because instead of asking about his personality I asked about his eyes... I said... does he have blue eyes-----... and then all my different requests...... they also had a good laugh. Anyhow.... I ended up stating that it would be fine if they want to introduce me to this old fellow... 54 years old... single... never been married... hmmmm something is really wrong in here... ah he does speak several languages and loves to travel.....interesting....

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ouch!!! March 25th... almost a year of blogging!!

Hey how are you everyone!!?

I just want to say that I am proud of all people who have great blogs and have interacted with me even though some are anonymous.

I had a good day today and will continue looking forward to have better days.

I spoke to my neighbour today for first time for an hour.... outside... I couldn´t believe it...
She is a nice ladie who works really hard on banquets and has her own banquet hall.

Anyway... I found this really interesting since we both talked about many things... wowowowoow I never thought to even get started to chat with her... and now I know so much about her and she knows about me...

Well, I also started a diet!!! I´ve never been to a real serious diet... ha ha ha I forgot my sweat pants when I went to the gym--- so when I realized it.. I just went to do exercise on jeans... for an hour... ouch---- oh well... time is precious and I was not going back home to get that....

Good night to all and keep visiting my blog!

Monday, March 16, 2009


Yesterday at the Club Britania my friend from kinder garden and primary school and her kids had a great calm time. Then I invited them to stay over ...... and we were watching a movie and this morning had a great calm time listening to classic music from Flamenco Caravan, having breakfast. After that, my friend took a shower, her daughter checked e-mails and I was marking exams. Now they are gone and I am at peace with myself and will continue working until I finish.

We took beautiful pictures, this is one of them, with the lake behind us.

Being at peace with yourself is a high price that no one can pay!

Monday, March 9, 2009

..........Therapy........................ sister suggested to write all the things that I want to say and can´t say because I have a very sore throat.... so her therapy is to say all the things I want to say to the person I want to say it and can´t say it... but really is it worth it?
So here it is: for you dear......I pray to God that you are being sincere with our family and you are not trying to play a dirty game again... business game... wowowoowowowwwwww.... but is that called business behind all of our decisions? well, I don´t think so, I think that is called advantageous or abusive....
For you my brother... I can´t believe your attitude towards all of us... you playing like a victim when I go by there and see all that is happening.... and meanwhile you say other things to us... wholly lordy......

And yes, there are many things I want to say to that asshole.......but whatever... I know that I will have the chance to do so direclty...just wait! Why lie so much in this world? why not say what really is and get it done? jeeeezzzzz..........frick..... I should have known... only 29 years old...

ok so now this is supposed to be printed and burned...ho! ho ! ho! and there is another therapy she said.... to picture you all in front of me and say all I want and then picture the face of Jesus and say: I forgive you!!!!! wowowowow can you believe that? I do... however it is hard to do ah!

I got a headeache already from doing this and no cry... well... there is no one around to scare with my cry, however... tomorrow teaching... hm hm ... I don´t want my eyes to look like a frog.... all in all... I blame myself for being so naive and so uncarefull with my feelings and no protect myself.... what a good lesson Lord... I do hope ....have learned it......

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wow! where did February 2009 go?

I just realized that I didn´t have time to blog in February 2009 and now it is March 2009.

Well, I am dealing with a huge stomach infection from buying and eating potatoe chips on the street here in Mexico...

I hope this goes away very soon, but sure enough it makes you think about how important is your health and that we should value it and take care of it every minute.

Yesterday, I had all my prayer group friends over and for a silly reason, one girl started yelling the other one... wow. Interesting.. This is a praying group not a bitching group session... so I didn´t like it and stood up for the other girl who was being yelled .. anyhow... each one had their own opinion and couldn´t get into an agreement. Strong minds and strong feeling for attention... meanwhile I was so sick that I couldn´t have enough strength to moderate this argument....

Today I went to teach English and I will continue to prepare more classes.... maybe the last ones.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Algunas Fotos....

I hate to run.... so now I´m taking the time for my family and to travel to my favorite place: Guanajuato!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Well, today ... call it destiny... I ended up at a Rosary at a beautiful church... it brought me back to my childhood with my parents guiding me with my faith and teaching me prayers.

When a Priest showed up ... I finally confessed. My penitence was 3 good charity actions... Cleared my mind and I feel way better. It is magic! how.... don´t ask me... I don´t know why I couldn´t do this before.

He did say something that is stuck in my mind..... we are here on earth only for some time and we will not take any material values with us..... spirit and good actions are what we take with us. Material things come and go.....but really if they are not earned properly it is harming your soul. Don´t worry about what others are doing to you in terms of taking advantage with materials things.....Let them worry abouot their soul. Don´t create wars over it... not only wars with weapons, but lawyers, etc... kind of hard to think that way on earth right! He said that simply try to provide the right advice to the people who want to create the WAR. No material thing is important if you lose your soul.

WOW... never thought it that way... so what do you think?