Monday, July 6, 2009

The Voice of Silence

Without silence, it is difficult to find God.
Sin silencio es difícil encontrar a Dios.
René Voillaume
I was invited to a silence retreat for 3 days about one year ago. I can´t recall if I had shared this or not at that time, but I had a comment yesterday regarding silence and finding God in it.
It is so true that when we cannot stay put or without music, it is because we don´t want to hear ourselves and ultimately is our conscious and God is in it.
If we all would talk about things that we truly comprehend, there would be a lot of silence in this world! Claudio Sperelli


Andrea said...

Silence speaks loudly to my heart! If only I would discipline myself to keep my mouth shut more often.
Blessings, andrea

Philosophichick said...

Thank you Andrea. You just said it... discipline... wow, what a challenging thing.
Blessings, Lucy