Monday, January 25, 2010

Interesting week and weekend

Oh my Goodness, last week was such a different week, on Monday I went to the fair with my niece and went on the rides and bought a few things for the house.

Tuesday I worked all day long.
Wednesday, I didn´t work, because it was a holiday and I went to Silao with my friend to eat, then I had a committee meeting at the Jassa Institute.

Thursday I worked all day and then I went to watch Yuri´s show at the Palenque.

Friday Saturday and Sunday went to Mexico City and met very nice people.......a nice married couple and also a great pair of girls. One Leonor from Veracruz and another Laura from Chihuahua.

On the way back Pily and I went to the bullfight and then went out for dinner.

When I arrived home, C. called me and talked to him for about 2 hours. Then I fell asleep.

Today Monday was a great day at work with student´s activities and at UIA went nice talking to Irlanda about decisions.... how do you take decisions.... based on your ego or based on love.....
very very interesting chat.

I arrived home waiting on C. who never arrived, then I phoned and asked him if he would and his voice shaked and said no... I will be going home to sleep.

I felt horrible and think that he just doesn´t care and it is okay that way.... Lord is all on your hands... all of it.. I have zero control of things.

Thank you for all these past days.
Love your daugther Marilu

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Propósitos para 2010

El primer propósito será profesional. Haré una investigación de mercado acerca de la necesidad que tienen las empresas leonesas y guanajuatenses de estudiar el Ingles o de capacitar a sus empleados.

El segundo será continuar hacer ejercicio en algún Club cercano a mi colonia y comer saludable.

El tercero, meterme a academia de baile y de idiomas y estudiar frances y-o italiano.

El cuarto, fomentar amistades y abrirme a nuevas amistades.

El quinto, viajar mas este año, cumplir mi sueño de viaje a Europa en tour con o sin compañía!

El sexto, entrar o dirigir algun coro de iglesia.

El Septimo, cumplir con organización de eventos de ex-alumnas del jassa.