Monday, January 25, 2010

Interesting week and weekend

Oh my Goodness, last week was such a different week, on Monday I went to the fair with my niece and went on the rides and bought a few things for the house.

Tuesday I worked all day long.
Wednesday, I didn´t work, because it was a holiday and I went to Silao with my friend to eat, then I had a committee meeting at the Jassa Institute.

Thursday I worked all day and then I went to watch Yuri´s show at the Palenque.

Friday Saturday and Sunday went to Mexico City and met very nice people.......a nice married couple and also a great pair of girls. One Leonor from Veracruz and another Laura from Chihuahua.

On the way back Pily and I went to the bullfight and then went out for dinner.

When I arrived home, C. called me and talked to him for about 2 hours. Then I fell asleep.

Today Monday was a great day at work with student´s activities and at UIA went nice talking to Irlanda about decisions.... how do you take decisions.... based on your ego or based on love.....
very very interesting chat.

I arrived home waiting on C. who never arrived, then I phoned and asked him if he would and his voice shaked and said no... I will be going home to sleep.

I felt horrible and think that he just doesn´t care and it is okay that way.... Lord is all on your hands... all of it.. I have zero control of things.

Thank you for all these past days.
Love your daugther Marilu

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