Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Adventures New Hope!

I have a new job and now I am planning to do another trip to Bahamas in a Cruise or to Southamerica before I start working again!

I am also reading several books at the time. One is about the meaning of silence. It is made on rhymes and it is awesome! I can´t remember the author but it is in Spanish.

I will have my own website to promote my own business and continue my dream as a self employer.

I have a lot to accomplish.

I am doing Belly Dancing and enjoying it.

I am counting my blessings every day. I saw my friend Yossy and Judith today good very good friends oh my goodness... !! They have always been there any time in good times and bad times. Yossy was borned on the same date I was borned but one year younger.

We were remembering our old times when we were the boss in romantic bars asking for every single song we wanted and were laughing our head off.....!

The time ran by and couldn´t talk more because both of them have kids and husbands to go back to... I don´t so I went back to make supper and do some shopping....oh well more kitchen stuff to buy... what else is new....

Good night to all....