Saturday, May 17, 2008

In Mexico following my dream

Here I am following my dream surrounded by my family and friends. Immediately felt welcomed and saw I have not idea how many of my relatives.
Today I will attend my brothers wedding and I am sure will be great and also very emotional. My niece Monica shared with me that she´s got a picture of me with her ....that was quite something meaninful to me. We spent great time last night together....we were almost ready to go out but both were very tired... she lives in California... and both talked about the American dream and how harming it is for the entire society. I have no regrets of my decision of moving back to Mexico. It won´t be easy... I have looked at two appartments... and they are not cheap... they are in the range of one million pesos .... next week I will be looking for different opportunities of jobs or my own business and reconnecting with my old business contacts....
For now I have to run to get ready for my brother´s wedding.
My sister... won´t attend... she left with the kids to the club... like any family still problems and challenges to face... family is divided... sad... if you pray please pray for the union of my family.