Wednesday, June 23, 2010

All it takes...

All it takes is an extra effort every day and setting goals for yourself. For years I have been playing to be smart and guess what? what I really enjoy doing is singing and not playing it that smart...interesting discovery ah?

I think I have discovered the reason why that guy keeps being around... he is a reflection of myself somehow... should I describe him? Sweet, smart, and passionate about life and many things. Pretty hurt and also looking for love but doesn´t know how to show it and how to let it go....

For the time being, I am certain that this time I have let him go.... can´t waste my time around someone who does not share the same interest than me.

Thank you God for letting me know the hard way about what I am not suppose to have!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Experience during the past 5 days!

Where to start? The most exciting thing has been my course about Executive Successful Program and it is about becoming a new person and re-evaluating my thoughts and values.

Great program!

It will end tomorrow, so for now I will go to bed.

Thank you God for giving me this opportunity to discover new things about life and about my self! Thank you also for giving me the opportunity to see that person I hadn´t seen for 6 months... I still think that he is around me to teach me something but don´t know yet what!???

Good night God!