Monday, June 16, 2008

This Morning

I woke up thinking about someone and another girlfriend sent me a text message and made my day. I confided in her about what I was thinking.... Never heard back from her again... Then I sent another text message to another friend and this person was in Vancouver... I had a few laughs and then got ready to start my day.

I looked for my Karaoke CD´s and finally found them... then read pieces of two different books, ate breakfast, made my bed... I think the order of this activities is totally different,... but once I got ready my sister picked me up and we went for groceries... I ran into my God Father´s daughter and she asked me if I was here with my husband and I laughed again and I said... no my dear... I sent him to hell and I am single... do you know someone? and she took her notebook out and said YES! a few Italians! ha ha ha ha we kept laughing! so I wrote her number! I love the Italian language and she is teaching it so gave me a few ideas! and I will teach English too, what a heck... what a great encounter! Keep beleiving and take opportunities!! Love Life!

Monday, June 9, 2008

My niece Grace oh my Goodness Funny

Wow... I thought something to my niece and she learned it fast and she thought me somehting and made laugh so hard...

She is so Beautiful inside and out... she got up all pissed off out of nothing and then her brother crashed her car... ha ha ha that´s life...

I went to look for cars for myself, semiused and new ones, and an old friend called me too and invited me out and had to pass for now.. way too busy with other things in my life... but anyway my niece and I had a super chat right now about our presentimientos and we love to swear f. this f. that... and all kinds of Spanish words... I hear her conversation with a guy and I almost fall off my chair... and I said to her is that a guy... I cannot believe what you are saying to him.... and she was laughing her head off... oh well I guess this times have changed... she is only 20...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Awesome Day

Old friend showed up on my door today! and he called me muñeca! he made my day!
His sister was supposed to show up but she didn´t. Oh well. He went and showed me an appartment and then we brained stormed ideas about how to sell my car in TBay or how to bring it here. Pretty smart man.
His Father died a few months ago so I talked to him about it briefly and we talked about many things in a chingadazo.
How nice is to see and reencounter new friends or old friends.

Yesterday was an awesome day too. I saw Madre Pilar at my High School and she mentioned I sent her an e-mail right from Canada supporting her through her illness of Cancer and her speech was encouraging. She said in April she was healthy and now she is not. Right after her great speech .... she fainted on us. Scarry feeling. I thought she was really sick... I got flashbacks from my sister Mary when she had Cancer.. my stomach went empty, my head spinned and I felt fainting myself too. We were about 50 people there and everyone panicked.. holly.... !!! I couldn´t believe it I ran and got coke for her, no doctors around, the rest of the people around her trying to help giving her some air with paper ....woowwwww a day full of emotions... I saw Vero Fernandez... another old friend from University, and many more from High School.
Thank you Lord for this two Last days... way too many things have happened lately that I can´t thank you enough for it.
Your daughter Marilu

Monday, June 2, 2008

Vives en Mi (You Live in Me) Song- Benny Ibarra

Por poco y no podia mas,
ya casi me dolia soñar,
justo cuando comenzaba a no creer
llegaste tu, y desperte.

A tu lado aprendi a volar
a encontrar las ganas de luchar
me enseñaste que la magia
esta al alcance de mi anhelo, y tu amor
me ha dado fe.

Y lo que tu me has dado
lo llevo en la sangre y en mi ser
oh oh oh
te sentire a mi lado
no importa donde sea que estes
tu amor dejo una huella en mi existir,
te guardo dentro
vives en mi ohh oh oh oh oh oh
vives en mi ohh oh oh oh

Si la vida nos separa hoy,
ya veras que para siempre estoy,
flotando en tu respiracion
me llevaras prendido a el corazon
igual que yo

Y lo que tu me has dado
lo llevo en la sangre y en mi ser
te sentire a mi lado
no importa donde sea que estas
tu amor dejo una huella en mi existir
te guardo dentro
vives en mi ohh oh oh
vives en mi
vives en mi ohhh oh oh oh oh
vives en mi ohohohoh
vives en mi