Thursday, January 24, 2008


I created this account... hadn't gotten around it. However since all my thoughts just wonder in my mind and I never write them or share them with anyone except my close friends, I finally decided to become less selfish and fearless.

For the longest time I have been feeling lonely, but today I found God and myself surrounded by lots and lots of friends from msn, e-mail, in town, accross the world. One friend sent me an e-mail and said that I just have to remember that I have myself and with that it is enough... it hit me.... it really means to me that is not only myself but God the one that is with me.

Through the thoughest times of my life I always think that I have my Faith so strong... and now I feel that it is not so.... it doesn't matter how much I pray, how much I think and talk to God... I still had fear......... Isn't that interesting......I read one line about Faith and it said that when you have it is when you don't feel fear because you Trust in God and that everything will be alright. I kept telling myself that..... hmmm and repeat it over and over again... but there are disturbing signals that don't allow myself to beleive it. God please increase my Faith. Give me more Strength. Love your daughter.