Sunday, November 14, 2010


My old good friend Rob invited Chel.. and I for dinner and I hadn´t seen him in about 20 years... it was so wierd to see him again but such a great experience... we were thrilled making fun of the past... I played his serenate on tape and he was singing and saying some words to me and I was thanking him... all this recorded on an old tape .... we laughed so hard.... he kept saying that I owe him a kiss that I have never given him so I laughed again and said I would give it to him some day....

Then my other friend A. came over, he is such a cute guy, so different from anyone else I´ve met... I am not in love... I am just enjoying his presence, he is simply a nice friend and nice companionship to have... right now there is a moving playing on tv called the last love.... so I am going to shut this computer off and watch this movie....

Thank you Lord for this past weekend.... it was such a nice and different weekend. I keep loving life and there is no way I can express how greatful I am with you my God for giving me so much love!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

This past weekend

Well I can say this past weekend was a very relaxing one, however a few exciting things happened.

My friend Silvia came over to watch movies and slept over on Friday and we stayed nice in warm.

On Saturday morning we made breakfast and had a nice chat about different subjects. Then she watched movies while I posted pictures on facebook.

After that, my friend RM came to pick me up and took me to pick up my car. We also went to the mall and to the shoe mall outlet. We also went to campestre mall to eat and our friend A. joined us. He was very quiet.. I think he is quiet and shy...interesting .......

At night I went with J.M. and RM and S. told a 50 years birthday party and we danced and sang. I saw my old boss from Hotel Leon and said hello to him and I saw a singer who had promissed me to be a model for pictures of his cd when I was 17 years old and I approached him and said:_
I am still waiting for you to pick me up to have the pictures taken for your cd and he just burst laughing and so did I.

J.M. was very nice, gentleman, not so quiet and had a nice time. I saw friends from High School and we all danced together and chatted about old days....

This morning I went to COSTCO and surprise surprise my debit cards didn´t have enough fundings and I felt so embarrassed about it..... however I canceled everything except the most important things and moved on.... my reflection about this is that I was going to spend on unnecessary things... so good think I had to cancel them.... I have to become aware of all the expenses and income I have and watch carefully every penny.... winter is comming and heat bill goes up.....

Thank you Lord for this day!

Monday, November 1, 2010

My car broke down

What an car broke down right before I arrived to my birthday party last Friday Oct. 29th. I left it on the street and our friend Sergio, picked Rosa Mary and I up and took us to the party.

At the party were people I was not expecting and I had a lot of fun and greatful time.
We sang, danced and chit chat, ate and everything was very healthy. Nice crowd.

Thank you Lord for this weekend which JM showed me his gratitude picking me up on Saturday and taking me to the grocery store, and also picking me up on Sunday to take me for breakfast and also went to church... and not only that but Chelina picking me up and went to the movie theatre and slept over her place and then she dropped me off today and had a great time with her and her kids.

Thank you my God, you never leave me alone!

Love your daughter Marilu!