Thursday, January 9, 2014

Where are my followers? Greetings Happy 2014

Today I have been up since early morning and did Yoga, loved it!!

I wonder if my followers are reading this and I would like your honest opinion about what I am sharing and if it has been useful to you.

Well, I will share my goals for 2014:

1 st  to publish a book about my life, which will include things that aren't here.
2 nd I want to see old friends from Canada and visit Canada
3rd I would love to find a product to export to Canada (work life)
4th Somehow, I feel that I have to give more meaning to my life by helping others to grow, however I don't know how to do so.......

5th I want to learn to be more assertive and more tactful at the same time....

6th I want to have a perfect order in my life within my reach
7th I want to have God in my life closer than anything
8th I want to find someone to love and someone who loves me

Anyway, Good night and enjoy this cold climate!