Monday, November 23, 2009

Wow a Miracle has happened...time tells the truth!

Last Saturday was one of the most emotive days of my life ......I must admit I was loosing my Faith Lord.... I always had hope but I was under the despair that my family would never reconcile... I kept my mouth shut for a long time listening to one side and then the other...they might thought I would take part in one side or the other... those 2.5 years had been an agony for me... maybe not so much but a sadness in my heart would never leave thinking about what we were and what we are now....

When one of my sisters jumped to hug one of my brothers and then the other sister, I was in a total shock... I honestly could not believe what my eyes were witnessing and what my heart eyes were full of tears and I was so thankful to you Oh Lord. This was certainly a miracle from you.....There is no doubt that you are always working in such a misterious ways that it is amazing to see the mind would have never been able to picture the entire scene and day I and my family had last Saturday. A true blessing to see one by one crying and singing to my uncle who is one of the two last ones alive from my mother´s side.

Coincidentally, this time only two cousins went to this annual event and the rest of nieces and nephews were young and were playing outside....

I pictured the saddest and wierdest annual event ever..where was my faith? and I keep thinking I am close to you o Lord.... what is it with me? and look at the surprise you had for me and for all of us. I can not thank you enough about it and I continue crying of happiness for this event.....what we had been missing for a long time and all due to ambition.... worthless ambition...

This cold and cough are going away slowly but I truly think that it is all the emotions inside of me that were not being able to come out.

Thank you for this moments and for this peace I feel now. Don´t let anyone to take it away from me. And yet, I know there are more surprises coming my way, blessings.... I just need to have more Faith and keep being patient, calm and read the signals you send me Oh Lord.

Good night, Love, your daughter Marilu

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Another Course that I might take...

Well, I have always enjoyed psicology and counselling sessions... so now I have the opportunity to study a coaching course.... we´ll see.

On the other hand, I have not idea about where my life is going regarding my job... I love my students but at the same time, I am not satisfied being a teacher...this constant insatisfaction drives me crazy but I know that I must discern it and analyze aspect per aspect.

What is it that when I get into answering if I want to continue... I say yes... even though I know I am very tired from teaching at night.... ? is it that I can´t say no? why? or why don´t I set up my own business?

What is it with me having all the resources and not being able to just jump?

Good night my Lord, your daughter Marilu.