Monday, June 16, 2008

This Morning

I woke up thinking about someone and another girlfriend sent me a text message and made my day. I confided in her about what I was thinking.... Never heard back from her again... Then I sent another text message to another friend and this person was in Vancouver... I had a few laughs and then got ready to start my day.

I looked for my Karaoke CD´s and finally found them... then read pieces of two different books, ate breakfast, made my bed... I think the order of this activities is totally different,... but once I got ready my sister picked me up and we went for groceries... I ran into my God Father´s daughter and she asked me if I was here with my husband and I laughed again and I said... no my dear... I sent him to hell and I am single... do you know someone? and she took her notebook out and said YES! a few Italians! ha ha ha ha we kept laughing! so I wrote her number! I love the Italian language and she is teaching it so gave me a few ideas! and I will teach English too, what a heck... what a great encounter! Keep beleiving and take opportunities!! Love Life!

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