Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The power is within me now

Today I woke up and played an hour of power cd. The enchantations that it suggest to say to yourself are : the power is within me now and I am feeling better and better every day in every way! I am feeling stronger and stronger. At the same time breathe 4 times and exhale four times.

It also asks about dreams in a short term.... mine to travel to Europe for a month, to get a job or create my own one where I can also travel and meet a lot of people and see a lot of places doing negotiations.

I see myself as a mother with at least one child and a husband. I see myself very active in the community as a business woman and as a family.

In the mean time I went and bought plants for the house and tomorrow they will be delivered because they are pretty big for my car.

I had a meeting with lore, vero, claudia f. and their kids. We exchanged pictures and had a fun time remembering our puerto vallarta trip. Awesome day! Thank you God for today!


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Anonymous said...

"I must have your cheerful consent to the method of salvation which I have accomplished. I require the entire surrender of your immortal spirit, polluted and condemned as it is, into my hands, for all that it needs. No longer go about to establish a righteousness of your own by the deeds of the law; but rather feel that you have no righteousness, and receive my salvation, as it is testified to a dying world. This do, and you shall live. You shall have an interest in that great atonement which was made for all your sins; you shall be delivered from the curse of the law by that blood which not only answers every charge and covers every sin but effectually pleads on the behalf of those who from the heart renounce all other helpers and confide in me as their Savior!"

Gardiner Spring, The Attraction of the Cross, page 120.