Monday, July 20, 2009

Interesting Feelings

I have to say that today was a wonderful day. Accomplished many things and I am working on an interesting inner project that is creating mixed feelings. Totally hard to explain, however very reasonable.

Here it is, my ideal type of couple has always been someone who I can talk about many things and enjoy the time that we spend....on the other hand, I also want someone who I feel attracted to phisically.... blue eyes, beautiful smile, thin, tall, nice face factions, such as small nose, mouth, etc.... I haven´t found my ideal man phisically yet....and in Mexico the chances are next to zero.....oh well.... I have found many who I can talk to and laugh with.... but..... am I going to find that phisically ideal man?

I certainly think that I must find someone close enough that can make me shake!

Where are you? I am trying to find you and I am getting very tired.... God, do you think that I am putting my faith in a very vague characterĂ­stics.... You have sent 2 individuals already that are nice but not near to my ideals.....are you testing me God? Does anyone have a feedback on this one?

Good night! (madrugada)


Andrea said...

Keep praying! Leave it in GOD's hands and know HE has a perfect plan.
Do NOT be impulsive!!

Blessings and prayers, Andrea

northshorewoman said...

oh you, my dear wonderful woman, will find him one day. He will just show up unexpectedly. You are a man magnet! Keep your eyes open for 'the one'.....