Friday, October 23, 2009


I am absolutely mad about myself today.....I woke up and broke the coffee maker, it slipped out or hit a chair and then slipped out of my hand right to the floor.. then, I have not idea what I did with my parking receipt that I ended up paying tripple the price.

I guess I did too much today.....mark exams, think about my party tomorrow.... chairs, tables.... table clothes, people to confirm....and then, suddenly while I am in that process I call my sister to invite her to see the play The broken Christ... and she tells me that she became a grandmother yesterday but the baby is in a delicate state... so oh my goodness, I took a shower and ran there to the hospital....spent a few hours there... then had supper together and I truly enjoyed it... after that she went with me to buy dispossable plates and glasses for the party....then I went to the other side of the city to my play....I ran into an old sister´s friend...and then I RAN OUT from the play to do a supply teaching....

Now I am winding down.... Oh and my friend Robin Hood called me and bla bla bla bla bla....invited me to a wedding, then a coffee and chatted for about 15 minutes,...... he said he would call later and he never did...Do I care? not really.... I said to him that I am so immune or that I don´t beleive in people´s promisses until they demonstrate that they comply with them.....anyway... after all this day was nice.. I am still alive, looking forward to my birthday party tomorrow.... and life goes on and on and on!!!

Oh what I want to discern or to share is the following steps:

Lost a ticket today , I felt angry to myself for being so disorganized, distracted, and multitasking without concentrating. I felt frustrated and went to my car to calm down, and dumped my purse into the seat to see if I could find the ticket... I didn´t and time continued running.
I talked to the parking lot supervisor and he said I had to pay 49 pesos... instead of 10 pesos. So I tried to convince him and he didn´t give in... he said otherwise he would have to pay for it... bla bla bla... I got frustrated of not getting my way and took a bill of 50 pesos and paid it... and said you guys are disgusting and this is theft.!
I felt like crying....first of all because today and this week I have spent an enormous ammount in stupid and many things. On the other hand I wanted to scream, yell, and I controlled myself.... I couldn´t cry either.....

Operative ways: next time I will put it in my wallet or leave it at the parking lot with the guy...who can I trust anyway....?

Calification: Desolation.... Not to make decisions.....I needed to get out of there and I had looked everywhere.

Direction: Yes, no, or will continue as disorganized and unfocussed?

Origin: Historic: Distractions..... Fact: Doing to many things at once all the time...

Anyway this is a short discerning exercise from San Ignacio de Loyola Method.

Good Night Lord.... I loved the Broken Christ.. Cristo Roto... lástima que no ví el final.

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