Monday, September 21, 2009

Faith, Prayer and Results

Last week was extremely hard and emotional for me and even more for a friend of mine who lost her husband. It was shocking. A young fellow of 47 years old and no one would suspect he had "Influenza" and this caused also some other liver complications.

At the same time someone showed up in my life ..... and endless story.

This two emotions made me realize that even though I think my Faith is strong... it might not be so. I always try to think everything will go my way... but the reality is that it always goes on God´s ways. No matter how I look it up.

My sister said: maybe you don´t have enough Faith... I realized I don´t ..... I keep being and feeling insecure about the future and that fact by itself.. I think is lack of Faith and it has made me to react and to act in ways that I don´t think God would aprove or even my parents from heaven.

I felt so moved by the death of this guy, who I hardly knew.... but his wife is one of my best friends.... to see that sorrow, Oh my Goodness..... only you know made rethink the manner and way I am conducting my life... so light,... as if there was many tomorrows... when we only have today!!


northshorewoman said...

My condolences to your friend. That is shocking to lose your husband who was so young. She is a young widow.

Life is a thread we live. Enjoy each day, spreading kindness with respect. Living a full life harming none is faith. We are dust; perhaps stardust in our next manifestation.

Philosophichick said...

thank you northshorefriend! miss ya!
When do you visit me?we should plan a project together or something! Think about it!

northshorewoman said...

absolutely I would love to come to Mexico! I love that place. the people. the warmth. the passion. the history. the everything of it. even its decay (in places). there is some beautiful decay in Mexico. So beautiful old things.