Saturday, August 1, 2009

This weekend!

Everything started with going to the flee market with a friend of mine and her son. We bought some things, I bought an angel picture already framed and 2 pieces of clothing.

I left her at her place and came back home and cleaned up and washed clothes. Then I took a shower and had my nails done, make up on and went to meet a friend of mine who I had been talking to over messanger and nextel.

I parked my car and then saw him. We then went to eat to the Rincón Gaucho, after that we went to Barezzito where I saw my niece sing and two other nieces with their husbands. Wedidn´t join them. After that we went to Anthropía, which is a bar with people on stage singing only romantic songs. I went as a volunteer and sang amar y querer. Right after we took off and went into the Mariachi Place and sang with them for about an hour. We also had a dance.

After that it was about 3:30 a.m. and I went home and my friend to his hotel.
Next day...Saturday Aug. 1rst. We went to have breakfast together and then to the Explora park where we had a very relaxing time.

We then went to eat supper at the Garufa´s Restaurant (Argentinian). Had wine and laugh and talk all the time. Finally he had to get back to Mexico City and I went back home and had a great sleep for about 3 hours. Then I realized I needed some groceries..... so I left but on my way I felt like calling another friend and she invited me to a party where there was exactly the same mariachi band that played last night for me.... I sang again and danced. I finally came back come... around 12:·30 a.m. I did see nice people and met a pregnant ladie who didn´t stop dancing, that was amazing.

Counting my blessings...... Thank you God for having me under your eyes every second and guide me trhough my life. Thank you God for all the good friends that you have given me and for the ones that just have arrived to my life. Please keep them all safe from evil and help us all through the hard times.

Your daughter......Marilu.

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