Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Signs and more signs...

Well, today I got up, went to a meeting and saw a student fr0m 10 years ago who I took to Confederation College in Canada and now she is a teacher and will be my colleague. I was shocked and loved the idea that I always treated them right.

After that I went to a store to change my gatto blaster and had to play a CD, which I only had English ones... and everyone stared at me and I laughed and said, I am an English teacher.

When I was leaving... someone stopped me and said he overheard I teach ESL. I nodded and let him talk. He works for Aeromexico and he´s a mechanic and 6 of his có-workers are looking for an English teacher... so I gave him my number and asked him his name... Francisco B.

So I thought I might as well do my business cards and went to the print shop and ordered them.
It was about time to start doing something to promote this skill outside of the Universities.

Thank you God for this day.

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