Sunday, January 18, 2009


Well, today ... call it destiny... I ended up at a Rosary at a beautiful church... it brought me back to my childhood with my parents guiding me with my faith and teaching me prayers.

When a Priest showed up ... I finally confessed. My penitence was 3 good charity actions... Cleared my mind and I feel way better. It is magic! how.... don´t ask me... I don´t know why I couldn´t do this before.

He did say something that is stuck in my mind..... we are here on earth only for some time and we will not take any material values with us..... spirit and good actions are what we take with us. Material things come and go.....but really if they are not earned properly it is harming your soul. Don´t worry about what others are doing to you in terms of taking advantage with materials things.....Let them worry abouot their soul. Don´t create wars over it... not only wars with weapons, but lawyers, etc... kind of hard to think that way on earth right! He said that simply try to provide the right advice to the people who want to create the WAR. No material thing is important if you lose your soul.

WOW... never thought it that way... so what do you think?

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