Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wow! where did February 2009 go?

I just realized that I didn´t have time to blog in February 2009 and now it is March 2009.

Well, I am dealing with a huge stomach infection from buying and eating potatoe chips on the street here in Mexico...

I hope this goes away very soon, but sure enough it makes you think about how important is your health and that we should value it and take care of it every minute.

Yesterday, I had all my prayer group friends over and for a silly reason, one girl started yelling the other one... wow. Interesting.. This is a praying group not a bitching group session... so I didn´t like it and stood up for the other girl who was being yelled .. anyhow... each one had their own opinion and couldn´t get into an agreement. Strong minds and strong feeling for attention... meanwhile I was so sick that I couldn´t have enough strength to moderate this argument....

Today I went to teach English and I will continue to prepare more classes.... maybe the last ones.

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