Thursday, April 10, 2008

Time to Dream!

What do you really want in life?

Start small, then go into the next step!
My friend from Spain suggested to get a nice place first in order to land a nice job... I said to her that would be backwards and did not make sense financially.

Now I think everything is coming together... first a job, then a car, then...continue dreaming on... what is next really.... nobody knows.... all I know is deep inside my dream is peace within...

Be truthful to myself, to yourself! who are you? who am I? what do I like to do? what do I enjoy to do the most? what am I ready for?

I love travelling, speaking English and Spanish, laughing, making jokes out of nothing, and helping people... in which market? what attracts me the most!!!!!??????
if anything was possible at this point of my life..... I would go with music and teaching culture differences, preaching, counselling! a friend of mine suggested a ship! what a great idea! to do that for a year? sounds exciting! no ties, no worries... what a heck?

1.- So I started with surrounding myself of 5 people I admire: Can't say names...
2.- Changing my environment
3.- Follow your dream

But all in all: LET IT GO!!!!!! and that is the worse and hardest part ever of everything! whatever is holding you and holding me! let it go!

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