Thursday, April 3, 2008 He's tailor made for You

My friend gave me this beautiful song..lyrics and played it for me ..,... she is simply amazing! a lift....a psicologyst, counselling session, sister... mirror... my secret hiding place... without calling her she knows I need her... and same here... this song is hope.. only hope.. she told me the name of the singer but I am so distracted now days with so many things in my life dreams ... that I can't remember... it almost seems that I have Alzheimers but I don't... I miss someone very special and it seems only like yesterday and the moments are just gone in a second... just gone...

The lyrics go as follow:

All this mixed emotions,
Tangled up in pure confusion,
it's hard to let go of the past, but it seems,
easier as time is moving
Well you said he makes you laugh (and he does)
and he makes you happy ( he does)

He sees you smiling back
It is everlasting
and so he's is tailor made for you
With stunning golden hues
and one sweet tone to soothe,
Your persistent beating heart it's just a start

And I have seen you everyday,
You've never been like this before,
He's tailor made, tailor, tailor made

So let go all of these mixed emotions,

Forget all your hesitations,
Together entwined inside this feeling,
Feet off the ground, head hits celing
Then whispered in your ear

He is absolutely falling

The words he said are clear
so don't insist on stalling
because he is tailor made for you

Oh sister, don't be troubled
O sister, please be calm,
Cause this isn't, what you're used to, at all,

He is tailor made for you,
With stunning golden hues
And one sweet tone to soothe....

I absolutely loved it!!! but who is he?????????
Take a guess!!!

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