Friday, April 25, 2008

Love List

What a great Play I watched today. The funniest but makes you think. We create what we want and choose in life for ourselves. We really do.

So, this is my love list:

1.- Someone Religious and Spiritual with moral values
2.- Funny or sense of humor
3.- Talkative but not self centred
4.- Loves dancing and music, plays piano, and guitar and sings
5.- Loves cultures and languages. Speaks Spanish, Italian, English and French
6.- Loves to travel and has passion for life
7.- Has respect for women and supports my thoughts about how to raise a family
8.- Great Lover, sensitive and caring, loves to hug me and kiss me.
9.- Faithful and successful in his professional career
10.- Takes care of himself, clean, fashionable.
11. No addiction to smoke or alcohol or drugs.

Are you the one?

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