Monday, April 28, 2008

Everything Changes

I spoke to a friend of mine about my day today. Decisions to make for this week that will determine my future.
Part of my dream is to travel but with a job I wouldn't be able to.
I can't decide yet if I want that career or not.. need to stay here?

Canada advantages:
Love English Language and Respect for wild life and nature
Love the correct legal system..I am used to it now.
Love the clean air.
Love my friends here now.
No abuse..not permitted anyway.

Canada Disadvantages:
Very expensive to make a living and I am only surviving at that job right now.. unless I move out of this City.
Very cold City.
I can't eat much...not motivated to cook Canadian Food.

Mexico advantages:
Food delicious
Music love it
I would work in my field and make a living and money
Would be close to my family and have friends too
I love the climate
I do love the culture and the great manners well educated people!!!

Mexico disadvantages
System is very corrupted
I don't know if I fit anymore...I've been in Canada for too long!
Have to pay for HOspitals and doctors or Health Insurance.
People smoke all over the place and I hate that!

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