Saturday, September 27, 2008

Nature in Mexico.. Silence Retreat

Where do you come from? De donde vienes? a donde vas? where are you going with your life?

This tree made me remember my roots! my moral values which are strong, just like the tree. When something or someone doesn´t have strong roots, it is very easy to deviate or to break. Thanks to my parents that gave me their example of following the 10 commandments, and exposing me to music, singing, dance and self expression... I grw up with strong roots... how did I survive so long in a different place other than where I am from?... simple.. your roots are your roots and no matter where you go, you will always bring with you those moral values and way of thinking and looking at life.
However, when your roots are that strong... there is a point that you cannot continue going on or moving on against the current. That´s why I ended up where my roots are from.


northshorewoman said...

there are some amazing trees in Mexico; or at least, from my stay in Cholula and Puebla and my visits to Cuetzalan, Tlaxcala. I loved the piru tree. And the jacaranda.

I liked your reflection on tree roots. And while our roots ground us, tree roots are also pathways that lead us places. Sometimes those roots surface in other places.

Philosophichick said...

Nice one!! I think my roots surfaced in TBay.....