Saturday, September 27, 2008

First Communion...

Today I attended my friend´s son first communion and it was very special. They asked me to start mass with the opening sentence at the Altar.. I was so excited that I thought I might cry but I didn´t.

Then Manolito after having his first communion started with tears and many of us were surprised and had to have tears... the moment was so special that if I remember it makes me cry again. Right after the daughter of my friend´s sister came to hug me and give me Kleenex.. I thought no one would notice me in tears.. but I guess they did. This shows me one more time that you God never leave us alone even though when we feel that way.

The party was fantastic, Vanessa and I sang. Remembering our High School times.

The idea of recording a CD came up again and will pursue it!

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