Tuesday, August 31, 2010

To my other friend!

I just want to let you know that you are taking a special place in my heart, and you may never know it because I am not planning to let it out. Well, you have awaken my desire to become a better person and to have something to look forward to. I find in you a reflection of me ... you said yesterday that I am not finding my place and that is what you might be going through... you are just feeling that way and you think I might feel that way... so I answered yes... I don´t know where I am going or where my place would be...however, I think I do.... I definitely think that I must use my talents towards the world´s benefit and not only mine.... I must go out of myself and be the same given person I used to be. I would give you time, because I think you are worth it for who you are. And I have not idea about your past.... and don´t know If I even care... I just want you to be in peace with yourself and to move on from where you are. To let it go and be yourself.

Anyhow.....as I said, you may never know about this letter, however I have taken it out of my chest and I am very thankful to God for have allowed me to meet you and to learn from you what I have always wanted...Respect! and more Respect! mind you..... sometimes your bitterness comes out and you take it out on me, which is not fare, but I will keep praying for you and to God for your sorrow to pass by ...... If I am not the one for you or you for me... I want to keep you as a friend because you are worth it!

Love you already!

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