Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Around the Corner

Today a loved friend of mine said to me that my love is around the corner and left me thinking.... it is a nice phrase of hope.

I wonder who could that be..... really I have not idea.... it could be someone I know about already or that I am going out with or that I am just about to meet.

The reality is that as time goes by, I try to analyze more and more, to think and think more and I am wondering if I am doing the right thing... I just think sometimes that following your heart is the best thing you can do or I can do but because I´ve been hurt so much and so many times I am pretty scared.

By the way, today I had the cutest students a girl called Ale of 7 years old and a boy called Juan Pablo of 8 years old. Anyhow, they are smart learning ESL and very talkative, they were happy asking me questions about my life never mind about the class and I kept bringing them back to the English Grammar part... finally they got their way at the end of the class and I answered their questions about my personal life, but they didn´t end.... so I learned from them to be more curious......and ask more questions....

Thank you for this day Lord.

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