Monday, November 10, 2008

To live in Leon or not to live....decisions

My sister and I were talking about how it would be to live in Canada together.

I explained to her that it would be beautiful. However painful. She couldn´t understand this part. I shared with her my experience of loosing both of my parents and relatives while I was there and not being able to be here right away.

Then we came to the conclusion that both of us have no parents and that she would find a job there. She needs to improve her English and I need to research about how and her kids could move there legally... again I said... it is cold... your friends are not there... the environment is different... you get home a way it is frightening no to know the system at first, however it takes forever to understand it.... so this are the pros and cons of living in a foreign country.

I often wonder how people do it, just like I did.....however I had an in law family and a husband for years.... made friends and great friends.... but the cold killed me.

I need to submit a research project about my expierience in Canada to share it with all the 18 Universities and approx.. 3,000 students on each University of


Anonymous said...

You would have each other. Sisters are special. Often, you can survive all manners of harshness that life brings, even the cold weather, if you have a sister beside you. I know, my sisters are angels.

It is hard to tell people of the beautiful/ugly joy/pain that co-exists. Life is a yes/no experience, chilly shores of Lake Superior or warm sun of Mexico.

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