Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Why worry about anything?

The word don´t worry is a very common word now days......the reason why this is used by most of us, I think it is because there is a lack for Faith in God and in ourselves. If we had Faith, we probably woudn´t worry about anything......so then...what is happening to some people including me when we wake up in the middle of the night and can´t fall asleep again....????

Is it that deep inside I don´t have Faith? is it that the cold woke me up? Anyway, today I feel exhausted and all I want to do is to sleep. However I have lots of things to do and responsibilities and tasks that if aren´t done by me they won´t get done by anyone.

Someone stated that if a situation, a thought, an event, does not bring you peace, then it couldn´t be from the Spirit of God...., however, some other friend questioned me about this and explained to me that if a History Heroe made us free in Mexico through a Revolution.....was it peaceful? and my answer was NO, so then I wonder if when I feel all bombarded by my ideas and worries, future plans, uncertainty? etc, it is because PEACE IS AROUND THE CORNER? probably no either.. ha ha ha ...

Having said that I am tired, I am just rumbling and questioning my orthography as well so I must say good bye to all of you for now..... PEACE LIE WITHIN YOU. FIND PEACE IN GOD.

Your daughter Marilu

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