Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tremendous scarry situation

My Goodness, what a week I lived. I don´t even dare to share it..... everything was very wierd but it affected me directly because somehow this happened directly to someone married to my sister.... yes I mean it.... My brother in law was kidnapped and rescued within hours......

Anyway.... million thoughts went through my brain and still are... however, I must calm down and do something about it.. yes ... maybe to become aware that the security situation in Mexico is not good at all and that I can´t live in my own bubble thinking life is just perfect.... I have to admit I am scared........ even though I have Faith that everything will be fine.... I am still scared to what the future holds.

Lord please help me to have clarity in my heart, thoughts and to do the correct thing for me.! To take decisions based on your Will. What do you ask from me ? What can I do?

Your daughter Marilu

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