Sunday, May 29, 2011

What a weekend! Family and Friends.....

This past weekend May 27-29th, I relaxed and I mean it! I went to a movie with my brother and his wife, then I had hot dogs with my other brother and his family.

On Saturday I had a babyshower, then went to my sister´s place and sang karaokee and spent sometime with her family in law and with my grand niece Maria Jose who is gorgeous! I just love her!!

Then I went out with my friends at night and my cousin from Mexico City and had a ball!

I had a nice Sunday for a change... a friend of mine came to have a nice dinner or supper time and we both prepared a nice salad, dressing, some cheese with Red Wine, nice meat, music and we drank almost the entire bottle.. ooopppppsss. I hadn´t done that in a long time.... I mean it.... We laughed and laughed and laughed again talking about such a stupid guys ha ha ha ...... we wondered if could ever stop talking during the day about them ..... we did after a while......

Later on I closed the weekend with the birth of another great niece Maria Paola. Wow, a lot of Mary´s in my family.

My sister also gave me a nice book as a gift. This book has been written by Father Dennis and talks about hope. So I will start reading it today...

Well my Lord, Thank you so much one more time for all the happiness that you gave me and allowed me to live during this weekend. Love your daughter Marilu!

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