Saturday, March 1, 2008

A new fresh start...

This morning I got up looking for a new car, new hope.... new fresh start thinking it only can get better…...last night I watched the movie definitely maybe… it made me think about what life can bring you… if you are not sure about your decision the first time… it means that you shouldn’t do it. I recommend this movie since it does have a true story for me behind it. I personally can relate to it somehow. After canceling my wedding because I wasn’t sure about my decision ……I went ahead with it due to a long story behind it that can sound romantic… and after a year.. I struggle with my marriage due to my religious believes for 10 years… now that my separation is almost all over… I look back and wonder if I had listened to my heart and gut feeling …. Where would I be now? but past is past … all I have is present, not even my future.

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