Sunday, September 25, 2011

God´s Signs During The Day

Today I woke up early and went to Church. (to a different one than usual), anyway, as soon as I got in, I saw people I hadn´t seen in many years. Then during the ceremony, there were many songs which were beautiful; specially the Our Father. ....later on, I saw a pregnant beautiful young ladie sitting on the same road as mine but at the oppossite end....I knew her and it was nice to see her and to talk to her at the end of the mass.

Later on I went to a reunion to find out about a product.... I met a young ladie who is from U.S.A. and she has been here only for four weeks in Leon. She is beautiful and cheerful. We exchanged info and she also teaches Conversational English....anyway the meeting was interesting...after that I went to visit my sister in a small town close from here. On the way I saw another acquaintance beside my car ...her face is gorgeous and she looked I played the honk and called her attention and chatted quickly from car to car....later my sister´s restaurant, I met a couple who started talking about their salad business and I chatted along with them from table to table, very casual (I love this part in small towns) and we ended up exchanging info and possibly doing business in the near future.

Thank you God for this day that I truly think and realize you were with me and blessed me every second of the day with your presence.

Your daughter Marilu!

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