Sunday, April 18, 2010

One more Daddy´s Death Anniversary

It is going to be 3 years dad´s death anniversary. It feels almost like if it was yesterday, today I passed through the funera home where he was before his cremation and I felt a knot on my throat. Everyone asks me why his pictures are everywhere in my house and my mother´s too but not as many.... I truly couldn´t give you an answer... Maybe this helps me to cope each day without his physical presence and at the same time, it reminds me all his love.

I can´t imagine the pain of oneself can go through when your loved one has died on your arms. I didn´t see either my mom or dad died and even then the pain continues.

I pray to God for those ones who are going through this pain and for them to find peace and happiness once again.

I must go to bed and have a good rest. Thank you Lord for this day!

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